Planetary Conflict

Posted by on Feb 22, 2013 in Games

Planetary Conflict

* This game is no longer playable


From the developer that created Infectonator : World Dominator and Days 2 Die comes a new game.

Planetary Conflict is a ‘Turn-based Action Squad-based Social MMO built using Flash platform.

The game will take place a few centuries after the destruction of Earth. You’ll take the role of one of the last humans in the galaxy fighting for the survival of your kind. You’ll lead a band of human survivors fighting alien threats, space pirates, and travel to the depths of the galaxy where a dark secret awaits you.


  • Isometric view
  • Custom character creation
  • Tactical turn-based squad battle
  • Squad management
  • RPG style character progression
  • Asynchronous social MMO gameplay
  • Weapon and Item creation
  • Realtime PvP Multiplayer Arena